At Amylum Nisasta, we produce native corn starches for the food industry, as well as offer a total package of native and modified starches for paper & board, corrugated board and gypsum board manufacturers.

Starch is a vital component of paper production, along with cellulose and other fillers. Its quality affects every step of the paper making process, from sheet formation to surface quality and printability. We have a number of different starches for every type of paper and board. Besides native corn (maize) starch, we also produce a range of modified starches for this application. High quality products with expert technical support, our modified corn starches are used in the paper-making process. They increase dry paper strength and improve surface conditions.

We have a range of native and modified starches designed especially for corrugated cardboard that improve the product’s flexibility and reliability.

We also offer gypsum board manufacturers our acid-thinned starch which, due to its gelatinizing properties, is particularly useful in the manufacturing of gypsum board.