ADM Direct

Through the ADM Direct division of Archer Daniels Midland (UK) Limited, farmers in the UK have the opportunity to build a mutually beneficial business partnership with ADM by selling rapeseed and wheat directly to the processor. When a farmer sells to ADM Direct, all quality premiums are paid in full directly to the farmer. ADM also offers a range of marketing packages to allow farmers to optimize farm storage and cash flow demands.

By dealing through ADM Direct, farmers can access accurate, first-hand market information, allowing them to make better-informed marketing decisions. Additionally, rapeseed farmers have access to the best movement positions into Archer Daniels Midland Erith Ltd., one of the largest rapeseed processing facility in the U.K., allowing their crops to be transported when they want. Wheat farmers can also build a mutually beneficial partnership with ADM and gain a real benefit by working in concert with a major flour miller.

On ADM’s side, the partnership affords the company continuity of supply and improved traceability, while furthering ADM's strategy to forge closer links with its farmer suppliers.