ADM Asia Pacific

ADM Asia Pacific

In Asia Pacific (APAC), ADM works to serve the region’s needs for a secure, safe and sustainable food supply. Our operations in the region are comprised of a range of wholly and jointly owned facilities.

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Key Product Offerings and Business Activities

Human Nutrition

  • Alternative protein
  • Botanicals
  • Colors
  • Texturants
  • Flavors
  • Microbiome Solutions
  • Specialty Natural Health Solutions
  • Natural Health Solutions
  • Starches
  • Sweeteners
  • Beans, Pulses, Nuts & Seeds
  • Systems, such as dry blends, flavor systems, protein systems, fruit /vegetable preparations, Juices & Juice Blends

Carbohydrate Solutions

  • Corn Sweeteners
  • Low & No Calorie Sweeteners
  • Acidulants

Animal Nutrition

  • Complete Feed
  • Feed Additives & Ingredients
  • Premix & Services

Industrial Biosolutions

  • Emulsifiers & Hydrocolloids
  • Propylene Glycol


  • Farmer Services
  • Investor Services
  • Transportation & Logistics
ADM Asia-Pacific Trading Pte. Ltd.
ADM (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd

APAC Leadership


Gary McGuigan
President, Asia Pacific and Global Trade
Alexander Otten
Managing Director, Global Trade Asia
Fabiana Bianchi
President, Nutrition APAC
Gerald Wilflingseder
President, Animal Nutrition, Asia Pacific
Linbo Zhu
Managing Director, Carbohydrate Solutions, APAC, China President
Timothy Henry
Managing Director, Ag Services, Australia and New Zealand
Amrendra Mishra
Managing Director, Oilseeds, India; Country Manager, India

Media Relations

Vivian Zheng
Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, Asia Pacific

Purchase Terms and Conditions

ADM Australia Pty. Ltd.
ADM Australia Pty. Ltd.
ADM Animal Nutrition (Cambodia) Co., LTD.
ADM (Shanghai) Management Co., Ltd
Shanghai Animal Nutrition
ADM Asia-Pacific Trading Pte. Ltd. Taiwan Branch
ADM Investor Service, Inc. Taiwan Branch
ADM Agro Industries India Private Limited
ADM Agro Industries Kota and Akola Private Limited

ADM Agro Industries India Private Limited

ADM Agro Industries Kota & Akola Private Limited

PT ADM Indonesia Trading and Logistics
PT Guyovital
ADM Animal Nutrition Indonesia
Head Office
ADM Myanmar Co., Ltd
ADM New Zealand Limited
ADM New Zealand Limited
ADM Philippines Inc.
ADM Animal Nutrition Head Office
ADM Asia-Pacific Trading Pte. Ltd.
ADM Asia-Pacific Trading Pte. Ltd.
ADMIS Singapore Pte. Limited
Archer Daniels Midland Korea LLC
ADM (Thailand) Ltd.
ADM Vietnam Co., LTD.
ADM Animal Nutrition Asia Office
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