Environmentally Friendly Production

Environmentally Friendly Production

Heightened concerns about a range of environmental issues are driving consumers to look for products that are not only safer and healthier for them but also the world they live in.

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Consumers are articulating heightened concerns about a range of environmental issues related to climate change, pollution, reliance on fossil fuels, resource use, packaging, plastics and agriculture. They are demanding innovative, technology and technique-driven solutions that go beyond merely minimizing waste and resource use to restoring and rebuilding the environment, all of which are sustainable solutions they perceive as safer and healthier for themselves and the planet.

Growth Opportunities

  • Demonstrate a commitment to sustainability by communicating measurable goals, metrics and milestones
  • Products that help restore local ecosystems, mitigate climate change and support the reduction of food waste
  • Regenerative messaging that speaks to soil health and biodiversity, and benefits to personal health, farmers and the planet
  • Highlight methane-reduction solutions and the role of animal feed/husbandry in responsible ecology and aquaculture
  • Convenient sustainable packaging solutions that improve user experience and match the quality of the product inside
  • Circular economy infrastructure focused on resource conservation, zero-waste production models and innovation that works towards reduced reliance on fossil fuels

A Winning Edge

  • Over 13,000,000 acres of ADM’s supply chain involved in sustainable agriculture projects and programs
  • ADM’s integrated supply chains offer a unique opportunity to help customers achieve their own climate goals
  • Longstanding history and track record of investments in technology and partnerships for production of plant-based materials
  • Industrial biosolutions providing plant-based solutions for industrial applications to reduce reliance on fossil fuels
  • Animal nutrition services (formulation, innovation and training) to enhance efficiency and sustainability
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