Experiential Eating

Experiential Eating

Finding adventure and comfort in food through flavor, texture, and cooking methods is driving consumers to experiment with what they eat and the way they prepare their meals.

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Consumers desire new experiences and are finding adventure through food, discovering new flavors, textures and via unique spices and botanicals, nuanced culinary preparation methods, and global/regional recipes with authentic flavor profiles. They also find comfort and pleasure through playful brands or nostalgic and indulgent foods that have been upgraded to align with modern values around health, functionality and sustainability.

Growth Opportunities

  • Highlight the links between foods/flavors that offer both pleasure and wellness, especially on the emotional side
  • Seasonal and limited time offerings to invite excitement, while also inspiring a sense of urgency
  • Democratize experiential products via affordable pricing and inclusive virtual
    activities through strategic partnerships
  • Authentic narratives, regional specificity, and products linked to a locale and rooted in tradition
  • Promote participation via products that inspire co-creation (e.g., through contests or feedback)
  • Pique consumers’ interest in the “sober curious” movement via fun flavors and botanicals

A Winning Edge

  • Long heritage in colors, flavors, and fruit & vegetable preparations responsibly sourced from nature to deliver authentic and fantastical experiences
  • Culinary expertise, formulation know-how and a close pulse on cultural trends as the foundation to create on-trend, exceptional eating experiences in clean label-friendly solutions
  • Pantry of foundational ingredients to serve as the basis for culinary inspiration, including sweeteners, proteins, flours, starches, texturants, fats and oils
  • Holistic approach to flavor and taste modulation expertise to optimize the experience of better-for-you products
  • Innovation centers around the globe where our chefs create authentic solutions adapted to regional palates
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