Proactive Health & Nutrition

Proactive Health & Nutrition

No longer satisfied with a one-size-fits-all approach, consumers are seeking out highly personalized solutions, services, and eating approaches tailored and targeted to their unique needs.

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Consumers have moved away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to wellness and eating, toward one that prioritizes individual differences. Awareness of the microbiome’s connection to mental wellbeing and immune function is leading to a stronger demand for ‘better for me’ solutions. But beyond wellness, personalization is also about individual motivations and needs around taste, culture, discovery and eating approaches that align with one’s lifestyle.

Growth Opportunities

  • Tech-enabled, hyper-specific recommendations and solutions for a range of specific conditions, health needs and consumer segments (e.g., gut health, women’s health, gamers, kids, etc.)
  • Personalized diagnostic services, ongoing tracking and tailored nutrition advice for customized solutions
  • Sustainably sourced foods and beverages and ingredients that align with a range of lifestyle diets
  • Customizable flavors and textures to appeal to individual taste preferences
  • Skin care and beauty products for a range of races and ethnicities, allergens/sensitivities and ages

A Winning Edge

  • Proprietary microbiome solutions tailored specifically for consumers’ most requested health optimization goals
  • In-house research and discovery of novel pre-, pro-, and postbiotics; pioneer within the postbiotic area, allowing for unrivaled formulation flexibility in supplements, food and beverage, utilizing our proprietary BPL1™ Postbiotic
  • Vast array of functional ingredients to blend and tailor towards personalized, science-backed functional health solutions targeting specific health needs
  • Technical & formulation expertise to deliver market-ready solutions for lifestyle diets (e.g., reduced sugar, gluten-free, keto, vegan, etc.)
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