Viability of Sustainable Supplements for Pet Consumption

Innovative Pet Applications

ADM is making strides to find options that can supplement or replace animal-derived ingredients in pet food and treats to align with consumer preferences.

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Meeting the global protein challenge and innovating in Pet Nutrition

When it comes to pet food, consumers have a tendency to humanize and impart their values to their furry friends. That’s why addressing the global protein supply challenge is crucial for the continuity of the global food system for both humans and pets.

To achieve this, exploration into resilient options that can supplement or replace animal-derived ingredients in pet food and treats has begun with plant- and yeast-based proteins. Research into these ingredients has shown great promise for feeding canines and felines as they are easily digestible and safe alternatives.

When nutritionally-balanced in combination with other ingredients these alternative proteins can unlock new and in-demand pet foods and treats that today’s conscious consumers are searching for to feed their animals.

If you are interested in delving deeper into these insights, the ADM Pet Nutrition team is pleased to make these valuable scientific studies available to you below.

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University of Illinois Legumes and Yeast as Novel Dietary Protein Sources Study
The use of legumes and yeast as novel dietary protein sources in extruded canine diets.
Colorado State University Cooked Navy Bean Powder Study
The effects of cooked navy bean powder on apparent total tract nutrient digestibility and safety in healthy adult dogs.
University of Illinois Raw Garbanzo Beans Study
Study on effects of graded inclusion levels of garbanzo beans on apparent total tract digestibility, fecal quality, & fecal fermentative end-products and microbiota in extruded feline diets.

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Consumer Insights

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Alternative Proteins

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