Exploring Alternative Plant-Based Proteins in Pet Nutrition

Alternative Proteins for Pets

Learn how we are in the midst of a significant shift in thinking from consumers when it comes to novel protein sources to feed their cats and dogs.

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Exploring Alternative Proteins in Pet Nutrition

In the ever-changing world of pet nutrition, the quest for alternative proteins is gaining momentum. Pet owners are exploring new dietary options driven by various priorities and preferences, such as animal welfare, environment, and managing pet allergies. Traditionally, pet foods heavily relied on animal proteins from fresh meat and rendered meat meals. However, a significant shift is underway due to consumer demands and the trend of humanizing pets, which calls for exploring novel protein sources, including animal, plant, insect, microbial, and fermented.

Addressing the global protein supply challenge is crucial for the endurance of the global food system for both humans and their furry companions. In this context, plant- and yeast-based proteins are emerging as viable alternatives that can supplement or replace animal-derived ingredients in pet food and treats.

The pet food industry faces the ongoing challenge of predicting future trends and adapting to the ever-evolving expectations of pet owners. An emerging trend, similar to the human food industry, is the flexitarian diet. Flexitarians consciously reduce their meat and animal protein consumption, creating a demand for alternative, non-animal protein ingredients in pet foods.

Changing perceptions are also evident as soy, corn, and wheat gain favor in the public eye for pet nutrition. ADM uses the OutsideVoice℠ consumer research tool to gain valuable insights into consumer attitudes and behaviors. Independent consumer surveys conducted by ADM reveal that 80% of today's U.S. pet owners actively seek or are open to the idea of incorporating soy, corn, or wheat into their pet's food and treats.

For those interested in delving deeper into these insights, we are pleased to announce that ADM Pet Nutrition team is providing free access to valuable scientific content, articles, and studies.

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