ADM Expands Facility in Mainz, Germany, With New Non-GMO Soy Processing Line

Completion of the multi-million-dollar expansion project announced in 2022 enables ADM to address increasing customer demand in the growing European market for GMO-free soybeans


ADM (NYSE: ADM) announced on May 7 that it has expanded processing capacity for soybeans with a new non-GMO soy processing line at its oilseed facility in Mainz, Germany.

The new processing line, which is now up and running, marks the completion of a multi-million-dollar investment that ADM first announced in 2022, and further expands the company's global capability to offer differentiated products to its customers.  

"The expansion of capacity at our Mainz site and investment in new, state-of-the art processing facilities underscores the growing significance of GMO-free soybeans within the German food sector," said Rene van der Poel, general manager, ADM Straubing. "This investment is a key component of our overarching growth strategy, ensuring we are well placed to meet the growing demand for non-GMO and local products now and into the future."

With the expansion in Mainz, ADM is offering further incentives for local farmers to increase their cultivation of non-GMO soybeans and integrate soy into their crop rotation practices. At the same time, the new processing line enables ADM to cater to the different needs of food companies.

The Mainz facility stands out for its unique capability to process both GMO and non-GMO soy at the same site. It is part of ADM's broader focus on strengthening its network of soybean processing facilities across Europe.

"This enhancement allows us to produce a diverse range of products including soybean oil for various industries, soybean meal for food, feed, beverage, and petrochemical applications, as well as biodiesel," said Rene van der Poel, general manager, ADM Straubing.

About the German soybean market
Soybeans are playing an increasingly important role in the food sector in Germany. There is a growing awareness among consumers about the nutritional benefits of soy-based products, such as their high protein content and suitability for various dietary preferences, including vegetarian and vegan diets. 48% of European consumers believe that soy is a healthy and nutritious addition to their meals. Applications of soy protein are wide-ranging and include meat alternatives, cereals, dairy alternatives, nutrition bars and snacks, confectionary products, ready meals and powered and meal replacement beverages.

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