ADM Romania Supports Forest Regeneration Project Through Planting of 7,000 Native Saplings

At ADM, we have an unwavering commitment to global sustainability to create positive impact on the world and contribute to the greater good. Through ADM Cares grants and volunteerism, ADM supports reforestation and tree planting projects around the world in communities where ADM operates to help rehabilitate degraded areas and support plant and animal biodiversity.

Earlier in the year, ADM Romania partnered with the EcoAssist Association through an ADM Cares grant to support the 'We Plant Good Deeds In Romania' reforestation project in Prundu - Giurgiu county.

ADM Cares Romania

As well as financial support, on March, 22, 2024, ADM Romania employees volunteered their time to plant over 7,000 red oak, acacia, and turkish cherry saplings. This contributed to an additional 17,160 native saplings across 4.29 hectares of new forest planted with the support of Ocolul Silvic Giurgiu (local forestry authority) and other partners.

The act of planting native saplings – trees that are a few years old and have already developed a root system – allows local biodiversity to recover by improving water quality, providing habitat for wildlife, preventing soil erosion, and sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere.

ADM Cares Romania

"The forest does not stop at the planting of the seedling, it just begins there! A complete cycle from the moment the seed sprouts until the mature tree, in turn, gives the forest other seeds take decades. The forest is not born, the forest continues. In the forest cultivated, human presence is not a choice, it is an obligation. We are now in the middle of a new planting season, together with volunteers," said Marin Toma, President of the EcoAssist Association.

"We get involved in projects to restore the environment and biodiversity with the hope that we can contribute to a better world that we and future generations can all enjoy. For ADM Romania, this partnership is a way to actively support the communities in which we operate, and compliments ADM's global commitment to non-deforestation, preserving water and biodiversity throughout our supply chain," says Anton Povkhan, General Manager of ADM Danube Region.

ADM Cares Romania

Over the next five years, the forest will be monitored to ensure the healthy development of the saplings.

About ADM Romania
ADM Romania is one of the largest operators in the trade of cereals and oilseeds in Romania and the Danube region. It operates a network of silos on the Danube route, a fleet of barges, and one of the largest terminals in the port of Constanța. The ADM Romania team currently has 400 employees.

About 'We Plant Good Deeds In Romania'
From 2011 until now, 50,000 volunteers and forestry companies have planted and cared for over 3,495,000 saplings on an area of 825 hectares, mostly on unproductive public lands in localities in 36 counties of Romania.