Donating Microbial Food Supplements to Healthcare Heroes

Donating Microbial Food Supplements to Healthcare Heroes

National Health Service (NHS) staff in the UK, like many other countries, were hit with a sudden surge of patients, putting a tremendous strain on hospital workers.

Additionally, disruptions such as school closures, supermarkets' queues, reduced public transport, to name just a few, often added to the everyday complexity for these essential workers, resulting in their personal health and well-being taking a backseat in priority. The much suggested well-prepared, balanced diet was often substituted by quick and easy alternatives.



ADM Protexin in the UK decided to act, by offering 9,000 Bio-Kult microbial food supplement samples to help support medical staff at the NHS by complementing their gut flora, at a time when they need it the most.

The donation was part of a wider project named Project Wingman, which gathers volunteers from the airline industry who, with flights stranded during the pandemic, sought ways to support NHS workers across the country. The airline volunteers set up 'First Class Lounges' in hospitals, where NHS staff come to unwind, to help lower stress levels by providing food, drinks, as well as some much needed moral support.

"It's been truly inspiring to see so many communities, charities, businesses and individuals coming together during this time. Ten hospitals across the UK have received our Bio-Kult samples, reaching approximately 2,000 NHS staff. No act of kindness is too small and we're proud to be able to offer support to those working on the frontline," said Beki Daniel, Marketing Executive at ADM Protexin.

ADM recently won three awards at the NutraIngredients Awards: 'Probiotic Product of the Year,' 'Ingredient of the Year' and 'Editor's Award for Functional Food Innovation'. Read about these awards here.

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