Kenyan Farmers share how Concern's LEAF Project has impacted their lives

Kenyan Farmers share how Concern's LEAF Project has impacted their lives

Kenyan farmers share how Concern Worldwide's Lifesaving Education and Assistance to Farmers (LEAF) Program, supported by ADM Cares, has helped ensure their children no longer go hungry and how they are set up for the future with sustainable farming practices.

With issues in global food security and supply, plus a series of droughts and floods in Kenya, ADM Cares has been supporting Concern Worldwide since 2020 with the LEAF Program in Kenya to future-proof local food systems. As a result, 40% of the target communities are now completely self-sufficient through irrigation systems, crop rotations and nutritional education.

Aligned perfectly with the ADM Cares focus areas of hunger relief, education, and sustainable farming, the program has helped improve food and nutrition security for over 6,400 families in Tana River County. The second phase (LEAF II) involved supporting local communities with nutritional knowledge and climate smart agriculture techniques to help them sustainably overcome extreme poverty.

In total, 18,818 children under the age of five years were screened for malnutrition at least twice during the LEAF II project. Over 10,497 farmers participated in the farmer education sessions, which provided them with the knowledge and skills needed to repair livelihoods and prevent further widespread malnutrition.

Kenyan farmers participating in the LEAF project share how their lives have been impacted.

Flooding created challenges for Mumina Mohammed's family farm, but skills gained through the LEAF program have enhanced her capacity to cope.

Mumina's farm near Subo now has increasing crop yields, ensuring that her children no longer have to skip meals.

Mwanajuma, another farmer involved in LEAF, is married with five children. LEAF II is helping her family farm sustainably.

Working in partnership with climate-affected rural communities in Kenya, ADM Cares and Concern Worldwide have helped to bring real, lasting impact for farming families, ensuring local food systems are future-proofed for the years ahead.