Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives

Plant-Based Dairy Alternatives

Consumers love plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products, especially when they have functional benefits and ingredients plus great taste.

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Dairy Alternatives with Great Taste

We help you achieve both plant-based nutrition and great taste with our proteins and technical expertise.

As consumers continue to seek positive nutrition sourced from plants, closer-to-nature food ingredients such as pea and soy proteins will continue to grow in popularity.

Flavor Expertise Meets Innovation

The majority of food and beverage purchasing decisions are made based on taste. It matters similar to sustainability, convenience or healthfulness, even more than price. We have developed a range of exceptional flavors designed to mask off notes associated with plant protein sources.

We know that the final product needs to match color and nutritional expectations and have a delicious taste. Achieving this requires bringing together high-quality, neutral-tasting plant proteins and combining them using the latest food technologies and deep technical expertise to create complementary solutions.

Dairy Alternative Solutions

ADM understands your consumers' needs and formulation-specific challenges better than anyone in the industry.​

We leverage our premium portfolio of plant-based proteins in conjunction with expert taste, nutrition, texture, functional attributes, and color considerations to bring you innovative solutions that will delight your consumers.

Spotlight on Pea-based Solutions

ADM’s expanding PurelyNature™-brand pea protein portfolio helps your nutrient-dense, wholesome formulations shine with great-tasting and clean flavor pea protein. Our award-winning pea protein was created to solve formulators’ biggest challenges. Besides a clean taste, ADM’s pea protein lineup is optimized for a wide range of food and beverage products.

We offer a variety of plant-based proteins. Read more about our alternative proteins, our beans, pulses, nuts and seeds our protein systems.

Our dedication to sustainability is illustrated through our strong vanilla platform. Read more about our vanilla.

So creamy, they won’t believe it’s plant-based

The plant-based movement i­s here to stay, as consumers seek healthful, plant-forward alternati­ves to thei­r trad­itional favor­ites for var­ious d­ietary and l­ifestyle reasons. Deliver on consumer demand for great taste, texture and nutrition and let us help you build a better plant-based dairy alternative.

Woman in kitchen enjoying dairy-like yogurt snack Woman in kitchen enjoying dairy-like yogurt snack Woman in kitchen enjoying dairy-like yogurt snack

More on Plant-Forward Dairy

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