Modified & Tailored Oils

Modified & Tailored Oils

Today’s consumers are looking for more from the foods they consume, creating challenges for developers.

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Solutions for Every Challenge

ADM is able to support these challenging requests with our modified and tailored oil solutions. Modified and tailored oils play a wide range of specific roles optimized to meet your targets—from extended shelf life and increased functionality to specific melting characteristics, taste, texture or nutritional profiles—every time.


ADM brings you an experienced R&D team, an industry leading oils portfolio and a century of oil processing know-how for a premier partner in the industry for tailored solutions. Our experts utilize ADM's proven capabilities in a variety of modification techniques including enzymatic interesterification, hydrogenation and functional blending to support you with targeted formulations and help you succeed with consumer opportunities.

Modified and tailored oils may vary, but these things come standard: the largest portfolio of edible oils in the industry, unmatched technical ingenuity and our excellent supply chain—for standout performance and reliability you can count on.

The Right Products

We utilize our full portfolio, along with over a century of oil processing know-how, to offer products that deliver the specific functionality for your application so you can produce the product consumers keep coming back for. We offer a variety of modification techniques.

Interesterified Oils

Always looking to innovate, ADM was the first to the market in North America with enzymatic methods to interesterify oil solutions.

Now, with interesterification technologies across the globe, ADM can help you create delicious foods with the delightful taste and texture consumers love, by delivering the full functionality you need. Our diverse portfolio extends to interesterified oils with options that include soy, palm, and lauric fats. ADM has the ingenuity to meet all your challenges—from a desirable melting profile to a product that crystalizes in the right amount of time for your line set-up.

Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated vegetable oils provide fully saturated solid fats for versatile solutions. ADM offers a wide range of melting points from a variety of oil sources that are recommended for their specific traits or used alongside other oils and modification techniques—all with the performance, versatility and the reliability you expect from ADM. 

For additional information on our specialty flaked hydrogenated oils for food, feed and personal care applications, see Hydrogenated Oils Personal Care and Hydrogenated Oils Food & Feed.

Custom Blends

With custom liquid, shortening and blends that perform a variety of roles, you can deliver crowd-pleasing products with the nutritional contributions and great taste and texture that consumers demand. Using our network of experienced specialists, formulate custom oils that deliver the perfect combination of benefits to satisfy your consumers. The benefits of blending include can be targeted nutritionals, shelf life, flavor, functional attributes, label needs and supply optimization. 

Disclaimer below

This content is based on United States laws and regulations applicable on the day of publication of this content. We point out that customers are required to ensure that any labeling and claims made by customers for their finished products must be based on the regulatory requirements and scientific standards of the country in which the final products are offered for sale. Not all products are available in all regions.

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