Peanut Oils

Peanut Oils

Good as golden, with its built-in consumer appeal and unique flavor, ADM peanut oil is ideal for use in a variety of consumer-pleasing fried foods.

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Your Golden Ticket

Peanut oils from ADM offer a variety of opportunities to give consumers a unique flavor experience that’s also non-GMO*. With its built-in consumer appeal, peanut oil is ideal for use in a variety of consumer-pleasing fried foods. Elevate your formulations and labels with one of three types of peanut oil, with a wide array of benefits including natural stability, balanced mono and polyunsaturated levels and high-heat functionality. Our peanut oils are backed by the quality and consistency you know can rely on.

*Based on seed source

Targeted Functional Benefits

Our peanut oils are ideal for both snack and foodservice frying and bring specific functional benefits:

  • Consumer appeal of great flavor and non-GMO*
  • Accommodates varied flavor needs, with a fully deodorized option for clean bland flavor or an aromatic option for natural peanut flavor
  • Provides balanced fatty acid profile for flavor and oxidative stability

*Based on seed source

The Right Products

ADM offers a variety of peanut oils to meet your application requirements and fulfill consumers’ desires. Read more about our peanut oils.

Refined Peanut Oil

Known for its heat stability and clean flavor, highly refined peanut oil has been used widely in premium snack foods, food service frying and sautéing.

Roasted Aromatic Peanut Oils

These are highly aromatic oil removed from roasted peanuts through an all-natural pressing process with a strong roasted peanut flavor and aroma. Only high-oleic peanuts are used resulting in a very stable peanut oil, for a high-quality, zero trans-fat per serving alternative to other cooking oils.

Peanut Extract

Made from dark roasted high-oleic peanuts, peanut extract oil has an intense roasted peanut flavor and a rich amber color. Peanut extract imparts bold flavor to products at very low usage rates. Non-GMO and clean label, it is an ideal choice for product developers.

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