Wheat Gluten & Proteins from ADM

Wheat Gluten & Proteins from ADM

Sourced from high-quality wheat, ADM wheat proteins are specially processed to be clean-tasting, versatile and functional plant proteins that can address a variety of formulation challenges.

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Vital wheat gluten benefits

Vital wheat gluten is a source of protein, adding structure and strength. Our vital wheat gluten provides unique viscoelastic properties in different applications.

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Bread and Bakery Goods

Increases water absorption, improves structure building, enhances baking and mixing fermentation tolerance, increases dough machinability


Provides binding and emulsification, reduces breakage in pasta applications, provides texture adjustment and toughening

Cereals & Bars

Protein enrichment, provides binding and structure, excellent extrudability, improves chewiness

Meat Alternatives

Enhances texture and the eating quality of plant-based meat alternatives, neutral and clean flavor​, can be used alone or in combination with other vegetable or animal proteins

ADM capabilities. Your advantage.

With over 100 years of experience, ADM delivers the performance, reliability and industry know-how to help you succeed. Our global reach, coordinated network, and technical expertise in wheat gluten are backed by ADM’s world-class supply chain and transportation infrastructure, helping you solve challenges in today’s dynamic market.

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Wheat protein and gluten portfolio

With ADM, you have a partner who combines a clean-tasting, nutritious wheat protein ingredient with technical ingenuity. Our processing standards and partnerships with growers ensure a safe, sustainable, high quality product from farm to finished solution.​

Textured Wheat Protein​

Offers an ideal solution for delivering desired texture, taste, and functionality in alternatives to traditional meats such as beef, poultry, fish, and more. 

Wheat Protein Powder​

Can enhance your meat alternative formulations with a neutral, clean flavor. With additional processing (texturizing), it can also deliver the meat-like texture desired by meat-eating flexitarians.

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