Enhanced texture, mouthfeel and stability.

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Plant-Based Stability

ADM's portfolio of xanthan gum is consistent, derived from plant-based sources and U.S.-produced. Our xanthan gum boosts viscosity, provides shelf life stability and consistent functionality, while delivering improved dispersion, superior clarity and fast hydration.

Unrivaled Quality & Functionality

ADM’s xanthan gum is of exceptionally high quality, reliable and safe, crafted at our dedicated U.S. plant for the strictest quality control and assured supply. It was created with functionality in mind, and with a higher, low-shear viscosity you may use 8-10% less than rival products.

Organic-Compliant, Non-GMO, Vegan/Vegetarian & Clean Label

ADM offers a range of label-friendly claims and certifications, including a non-GMO/GE strain that helps you deliver organic, non-GMO products together with vegan and vegetarian clean label formulation.

Wide Applications From Sauces, Dressings, Meat & Meat Alternatives to Candies & Beverages

Efficiently enhancing stability and transparency while improving texture and mouthfeel, ADM’s hydrocolloids can help you create a wide variety of consumer-preferred food and beverage experiences.

With our unequaled depth of technical expertise, vast global distribution network and direct relationships with primary suppliers, ADM can get you to market quicker, all while offering you customizable solutions and assurances of sustainable, transparent ingredients.

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