Biomanufacturing products

Biomanufacturing products

If you’re looking to leverage biomanufacturing within your business, ADM offers a variety of feedstock and raw materials tailored to your upstream and downstream requirements. 

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Feedstock and fermentation nutrients
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Carbon sources and feedstocks

From simple monosaccharides to more complex feedstocks, ADM provides a breadth of carbon sources designed to meet your diverse microorganism and process purity needs. Below are some of the carbon solutions we provide:

  • Liquid glucose 95DE & 97DE (71% or 75% DS)
  • Liquid dextrose 99DE (72% DS)
  • Dextrose monohydrate
  • Dextrose monohydrate Pharma Grade
  • High fructose corn syrups, 42%, 55%, 90% fructose
  • Maltose syrups
  • Glycerol 99,5%
  • Native food corn starch 
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Nitrogen sources and growth factors

Alongside our carbon source portfolio, ADM provides organic nitrogen and growth factors to enhance fermentation yield optimization. Below are some of the carbon solutions we provide:

  • Complex nitrogen, carbon and  growth factors source
  • Standard nitrogen sources (ranging from 40% to 90% protein)
  • Standard nitrogen sources (58% protein)
  • Highly soluble nitrogen source (83% protein)
  • Basic nitrogen source (60% protein)
  • Basic nitrogen source (18% protein)
  • Corn steep liquor
  • Soy flours, concentrates, isolates, oils
  • Cottonseed flours
  • Wheat hydrolyzed protein
  • Corn gluten meal
  • Corn gluten feed pellets


Processing Aids
C53 Technology
Cryoprotectants and stabilizers

We offer an assortment of plant-based products that serve as cryoprotectant agents in freeze-drying processes or for low-temperature storage. Below are some of the cryoprotectants and stabilizers we provide:

  • Sorbitol solutions 70% & 80%
  • Non-crystalizing sorbitol solution
  • Maltitol syrup
  • Mannitol
  • Maltodextrins (liquid, dry and agglomerated)
  • Glycerol food grade – 99.5%
C53 Analytical Expertise
pH buffers

Explore ADM's range of acidulants that are designed to help stabilize pH fermentation, boasting exceptional stability and buffering capabilities. Below are some of the acidulants we provide:

  • Citric acid anhydrous (granular/fine granular/powder)
  • Sodium citrate dihydrate (granular/fine granular/powder)
  • Sodium citrate anhydrous (granular/power)
  • Potassium citrate (granular)

More to explore in biomanufacturing

Learn more about how ADM supports the needs of its biomanufacturing and fermentation customers via our industry-leading biomanufacturing technology and in which segments our biomanufacturing can play a role.

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Biomanufacturing technology

Learn more about what ADM is doing to stay at the forefront of biomanufacturing technology. 

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Biomanufacturing applications

From food and feed to biopharma and renewable chemicals, learn about the various segments where ADM supports its customers.

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Your trusted global partner for plant-based ingredients

To meet the demands of our customers, ADM maintains a global network of assets that operate around the clock. Our integrated network of farmers, logistics, and processing capabilities ensures product availability and reliability, guaranteeing timely access wherever and whenever needed.

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