Biomanufacturing technologies

Biomanufacturing Technologies

Our biomanufacturing customers use cell-based systems or catalysts to convert plant-based feedstocks into valuable products. Each process has unique requirements in feedstock purity, composition, and cost. Discover how ADM supports them.

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Fermentation Reactors
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Fermentation and cell culture

Bringing a product to the market with living organisms comes with challenges, from selecting the right strains to designing and optimizing processes and media. The added complexity of scaling up operations to an industrial level while meeting productivity targets further compounds these challenges. ADM provides a solution to these issues with a comprehensive plant-based approach that covers both upstream and downstream requirements, ensuring you achieve cost-effective and sustainable yields. Our offerings include technical-, food-, and pharma-grade compliant options, all catering to your specific needs.

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We provide tailored support to our biocatalyst clients with high-quality, sustainable feedstocks that enhance their bioconversion processes. Our expertise in supply chain management ensures reliable and timely deliveries, while ADM's strong research and development capabilities optimize efficiency and increase yields.

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The chemical industry has shifted from fossil fuel conversion to basic building blocks, which are then processed into intermediate and advanced materials. To improve sustainability, the entire value chain must improve chemical industry (CI) practices through plant-based alternatives, recycling, and CCU  pathways. ADM, already backward integrated into the agricultural industry and through its plant-based carbohydrate feedstock portfolio, offers biomanufacturing companies the inputs they need to create significant CI improvements.

More to explore in biomanufacturing

Learn more about how ADM supports the needs of its biomanufacturing and fermentation customers via our industry-leading biomanufacturing technology and in which segments our biomanufacturing can play a role.

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Biomanufacturing products

Learn how we help our customers grow their businesses through products we deliver and via biomanufacturing practices.

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Biomanufacturing applications

From food and feed to biopharma and renewable chemicals, learn about the various segments where ADM supports its customers.

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Your trusted global partner for plant-based ingredients

To meet the demands of our customers, ADM maintains a global network of assets that operate around the clock. Our integrated network of farmers, logistics, and processing capabilities ensures product availability and reliability, guaranteeing timely access wherever and whenever needed.

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