Gummy Supplements that Give You More

Gummy Supplements that Give You More

As a leader in complex formulation and specialty health and wellness, ADM is your end-to-end partner in creating gummy supplements to meet a range of lifestyle needs. Harness our broad portfolio and expertise to craft on-trend, tasty options that delight.

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Smart Solutions, Superior Supplements

Partner with us to maximize your gummy supplement success by leveraging our expert solutions from formulation to commercialization.

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Sugar reduction

Overcome sugar reduction formulation challenges and optimize the taste of your gummy supplements with our broad portfolio of ingredients and dedicated team of ingredient scientists.

Label appeal

In a crowded gummy supplement market, ADM's science-backed solutions and holistic sugar reduction strategies ensure your label stands out.

Functional ingredients

Meet evolving consumer needs with our functional ingredient expertise and extensive portfolio of biotics, dietary fibers, vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts, and more.

Product efficiency

Our vast portfolio allows for individual ingredient technical capabilities, including stability data and expert scientist support, ensuring the functionality of gummy supplements.

Sustainable sourcing

As transparent sourcing is becoming increasingly imperative for brands, ADM is paving the way with sustainable solutions to deliver products and help meet consumer expectations.

Supply assurance

We’re more than a supplier. Let us help you optimize your supply chain by harnessing our reliable sourcing capabilities and expansive transportation network.

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As the supplement market continues to grow, so does the demand for gummies that deliver delicious taste and nutritional benefits. Our science-backed ingredient portfolio, technical expertise, and dedicated team of ingredient scientists set us apart when it comes to addressing formulation challenges, from taste and texture to sugar reduction and special dietary needs.


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