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ADM Acquires Syngenta Dry Bean Business

Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) announced today that ADM Edible Bean Specialties, Inc. d/b/a ADM Seedwest, a wholly owned subsidiary, acquired the dry bean business from Syngenta Seeds, Inc.

The purchase includes Syngenta’s dry bean seed inventory as well as interest in dry bean plant variety protection certificates, germplasm, parent seed and commercial seed.

“This acquisition adds to Seedwest’s portfolio of quality dry bean seeds and helps us enhance the availability of these varieties,” said Jim Whalen, general manager, Seedwest. “We look forward to offering customers an even wider selection of genetically pure seeds along with exceptional services under our stringent seed stock program.”

Orders currently placed with Syngenta will be transitioned to Seedwest, which will take responsibility for delivery of seed for the 2009 shipping season. For questions or more information, customers should contact their local ADM Seedwest representative.

Seedwest offers retail plants and elevators a wide selection of dry bean seeds, including pinto, navy, black, light red kidney, dark red kidney, white kidney, cranberry, great northern, pink, small red and mayocoba, along with processor peas and green baby limas. The genetically pure and virtually disease-free seeds are produced in the ideal, arid climate of the western United States under a strict quality control program.

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