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ADM Agri-Industries Expands Lloydminster Receiving Capacity

ADM Agri-Industries today announced that it is increasing the receiving capacity at its Lloydminster canola processing facility. This project, which includes the addition of a second unloading bay and a doubling of grading capacity, will significantly decrease unloading times for area farmers this harvest season.

The decision to expand the facility’s receiving capacity stems from the results of a recent survey of area farmers. The results indicated that famers were concerned about the amount of time they spent waiting to unload.

“We work closely with area farmers and rely on them for the crops we process,” said J.P. Montalvo, Commercial Manager ADM Lloydminster. “The receiving capacity expansion is one way we can help producers as we strive to be the destination of choice for their canola crop.”

In addition to the receiving capacity expansion, ADM Agri-Industries is also evaluating additional capital projects, including a proposed biodiesel facility, further storage and receiving capacity increases, as well as expansion of the facility’s railcar shipping capacity.

ADM Media Relations