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ADM Alliance Nutrition Becomes Exclusive Feed Sponsor of the Horse Show With Rick Lamb on RFD-TV

ADM Alliance Nutrition, a wholly owned subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), has become the exclusive feed sponsor of The Horse Show with Rick Lamb on RFD-TV. Dr. Judith Reynolds, ADM Alliance Nutrition equine nutritionist and equine product and technical manager, will be a featured guest on the show’s Nutrition Nuggets segment, which consists of two-minute question and answer sessions. Reynolds will appear in the segments to discuss a range of subjects that focus on feeding horses.

Reynolds is enthusiastic to spread the word on how to provide proper nutrition for all horses regardless of breed, age or performance level.

“The basis of a healthy diet for all horses is forage,” said Reynolds. “Nutrition Nuggets offers the perfect venue to discuss the many ways to complement the equine diet while supplying optimum energy for all types and levels of activity.”

Reynolds’ time on Nutrition Nuggets will also be devoted to discussing the risks of overloading on grain or corn-based feeds where starches and sugars prevail.

“Horses are not equipped to process excessive amounts of starches and sugars, which are responsible for a host of conditions such as colic and laminitis. Nutrition Nuggets gives us an opportunity to educate horse owners about healthy feeding,” said Reynolds.

“We have the ability to reach a broad spectrum of viewers who are eager to do the right thing for their horses,” said Rick Lamb, founder, president and host of the show that bears his name. “When it comes to informing horse owners about what works and what doesn’t, The Horse Show and ADM Alliance Nutrition are on the same page.”

On The Horse Show, Lamb shares with viewers the latest research and highlights ADM Alliance Nutrition’s dedication to promoting equine wellness. In addition to the two-minute nutritional spotlight, Lamb also will pilot a dedicated half-hour program on nutrition.

“Good nutrition is at the heart of good horsemanship, and at The Horse Show, we’re all about good horsemanship,” said Lamb.

For more information, contact ADM Alliance Nutrition at 800-680-8254 or emailAN.EquineHelp@adm.com. Information about equine feeding programs featuring ADM Alliance Nutrition’s products is available atwww.grostrong.com.

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