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ADM Alliance Nutrition Becomes Sponsor of American Competitive Trail Horse Association

ADM Alliance Nutrition offers complete nutrition for competitive trail horses

ADM Alliance Nutrition, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM), has announced it will sponsor the American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA), the first organization of its kind to champion trail horses by showcasing their value and distinction across breed and discipline boundaries.

“ADM Alliance Nutrition is excited to sponsor the American Competitive Trail Horse Association, an organization that shares our enthusiasm for helping horses be their best,” said Dr. Judy Reynolds, ADM Alliance Nutrition equine nutritionist and equine product and technical manager. “ACTHA champions all horses, regardless of breed or discipline. Likewise, ADM Alliance Nutrition offers programs designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of horses of varied breeds.”

Research has shown that forage is the basis for efficient digestion in horses, and that increased dietary fiber (insoluble carbohydrates) and fats – rather than high quantities of starches and sugars (soluble carbohydrates) – helps promote overall health in horses that are engaged in light to elite performance activities.

“With a growing awareness of the dangers related to high-starch and high-sugar diets for horses, we have designed a feeding program that provides better nutrition for horses,” said Reynolds. “Our GLO for Life formulations are a perfect fit with the needs of ACTHA’s equine competitors because our programs provide the energy for better performance ride without the excitability associated with traditional grain and corn-based diets.”

“Our sponsors and participants flock to ACTHA sanctioned rides for one main reason – they’re fun,” said Carrie Scrima, co-founder of ACTHA. “With ADM Alliance Nutrition’s GLO for Life line on the roster, the bar has been raised on the potential for wellbeing and performance for horses everywhere.”

For more information, contact ADM Alliance Nutrition at 800-680-8254 or emailAN.EquineHelp@adm.com. Information regarding ADM Alliance Nutrition’s equine programs and products is available atwww.grostrong.com.

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