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ADM Cocoa Opens Singapore Technical Centre

ADM Cocoa has opened a technical centre in Singapore to offer its Asian customers a local resource for innovation, product development and technical support. Through the facility, ADM Cocoa will identify and create DeZaan™ cocoa product solutions for customers. ADM will also hold quarterly cocoa and chocolate seminars at the new Centre, covering topics such as cost reduction, formulation optimisation and improving other aspects of the new product development process.

The Advantage Centre is the first technical development facility of its kind in Asia for cocoa liquors, butters and powders, and will help ADM Cocoa demonstrate how innovative cocoa and chocolate ingredients add value to bakery, beverage, confectionery and other applications. Designed to help ADM engage participants in hands-on application courses, the facility is equipped with a test Centre for the development of concept products and small batches of chocolates.

As formulators continue to focus on affordability, ADM’s Advantage Centre offers a convenient environment for harnessing the company’s vast and deep applications knowledge to optimise formulations and reduce overall recipe costs. Visitors can explore ADM’s broad portfolio of cocoa and chocolate ingredients as they optimise cocoa usage level and flavour characteristics. Working side-by-side with ADM product developers at the Centre often helps customers shorten development time, improve quality and identify savings opportunities. 

Kate Phua, product support and development manager, ADM Cocoa Pte. Ltd, commented: “Excellent customer service has always been a high priority for ADM Cocoa. The opening of the Advantage Centre in Singapore gives us the chance to work in close partnership with our customers. Together, we can explore diverse cocoa and chocolate solutions from our premium DeZaan range. This, coupled with our quarterly seminars, provides customers with access to our expert knowledge to help them efficiently meet consumer demands.”


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