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ADM Introduces deZaan Chocolate Microflakes

Microflakes combine the best qualities of cocoa powder and chocolate in an innovative solution

ADM Cocoa International has launched deZaan™ Chocolate Microflakes, which allow manufacturers to capture the indulgence of real chocolate in a convenient, dispersible powder form. deZaan Microflakes deliver the rich flavour and intense colour of real chocolate to ice creams, dairy desserts, drinks and confiseur chocolates.

Commenting on the launch, Simon Godden, NPD Manager at ADM Cocoa International, says, “This is an exciting new development. deZaan Microflakes offer a breakthrough for manufacturers looking to capture all of the sought-after characteristics of real chocolate, but who have struggled with the issues of using it in solid or liquid form. Until now, the established practice has been to use both cocoa powder and chocolate, but this has proven unsatisfactory, as neither product alone gives the optimal impact. With our specialised technical knowledge of the properties of both cocoa powder and chocolate, we were able to draw out the best qualities of each and bring them together into one innovative solution.

Formulated to disperse and dissolve easily without the need for pre-melting, the deZaan Microflakes improve processing efficiency and can deliver a cost-in-use advantage over regular chocolate. Plus, with at least 15 percent less fat than regular chocolate, deZaan Microflakes help customers meet consumer demand for healthier options.

Dairy manufacturers, in particular, will benefit from the new deZaan Microflakes. Use of real chocolate in products such as ice creams and desserts has traditionally been limited due to the processing difficulties of handling and melting chocolate. deZaan Microflakes offer a convenient solution as they can be directly dissolved in milk or cream without melting. Artisan confectioners can also enjoy ease of handling and increased output thanks to the faster cooling and setting properties of the new deZaan Microflakes, which can be used to create innovative products and decorations.

“We are confident that deZaan Microflakes will have international appeal and we anticipate strong demand from key European markets where the product will lend itself perfectly to application in premium indulgent products such as artisanal ice creams and chilled mousses, as well as truffles, ganaches and other high quality confiseur chocolates,” says Godden.

deZaan Microflakes are the latest addition to the deZaan range of premium quality cocoa and chocolate solutions which cater to numerous processing and application requirements and enable manufacturers to develop market-leading products that exceed consumer demands. Other recent innovations include the deZaan range of low saturated fat ice cream coatings and custom-formulated blends of deZaan cocoa butters and Chocovit Plus cocoa butter equivalents for cost savings in fillings, coating and chocolate shells.

deZaan™ is a trademark of Archer Daniels Midland Company.

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