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ADM Introduces Optibalance™ for Dairy Cattle

ADM Alliance Nutrition Inc. has introduced OptiBalance™, a new supplement for dairy cattle. OptiBalance can be added to existing feed programs to enhance economy of production.

The patent-pending, proprietary technology behind OptiBalance was developed by ADM Alliance Nutrition researchers. This technology has been shown to increase the availability of protein and starch from dairy rations, which leads to higher milk production.

“OptiBalance is the next generation in ADM’s line of high-quality products for dairy cattle,” said Dr. Ed Piwonka, dairy technical and product manager. “This new technology provides a cost-effective way for dairy producers to increase efficiencies across a wide range of production levels and diet profiles.”

For more information about OptiBalance, contact ADM Alliance Nutrition at 866-666-7626 orwww.admani.com.

ADM Alliance Nutrition is comprised of what were once MoorMan’s®, Consolidated Nutrition®, SuperSweet®, Master Mix® and Tindle Feeds®. In 2002, these companies, under the ADM umbrella, were unified to form one ADM operating feed company: ADM Alliance Nutrition.

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