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ADM Offers Premium, Low-Risk Canola Production Contracts

Archer Daniels Midland Company (NYSE: ADM) today announced contracts* for oleic Nexera™ canola that offer premiums over commodity canola with “Act of God” (AOG) protection.

Farmers in both the U.S. and Canada can help insulate themselves from weather and market risks with a premium contract, as well as AOG protection on oleic Nexera™ canola. In order to qualify, farmers must first sign a contract with ADM, and then purchase the Nexera™ canola seed from a specified local seed retailer. One-hundred percent of production is covered, with multiple pricing options, including a base contract with coverage dependent upon the region.

“We rely on farmers to help us meet the growing consumer demand for healthier oil options such as oleic canola,” said Ken Campbell, general manager of ADM Softseed Processing. “Our partnership with Dow AgroSciences for Nexera™ canola allows us to offer farmers attractive contract options.”

ADM relies on Nexera™ canola to help develop healthier oil solutions for the restaurant and foodservice industries. Nexera™ canola is used to produce Omega-9 Oil which has a combination of oleic (omega-9) and less linoleic fatty acids than conventional canola oil. This profile creates a healthier oil option that delivers a light, clean taste and superior performance.

TheADM Nexera™ canola premium contract is available at four locations. Farmers in the U.S. should contact ADM Enderlin at 800-553-6032 or ADM Velva at 800-548-8613 for more information about 2012 Nexera™ canola contract details and current premiums. Farmers in Canada can contact ADM Watson at 800-767-6655 or ADM Carberry at 888-661-9420.

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