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POLY4: A Game-Changing Product




As the global population grows, ADM has found a product that can help feed that growing demand for food. Over the past several years, ADM colleagues have been working closely with UK-based fertilizer development company Sirius Minerals to develop a fertilizer granule strong enough to transport and spread over fields. Enter POLY4, a naturally occurring, low chloride, multi-nutrient fertilizer certified for organic use. And it's being called a âgame-changerâ for the North American farmer.

POLY4 includes four of the six key macro nutrients that all plants need to grow: potassium, sulphur, magnesium and calcium. Sirius produces POLY4 by extracting polyhalite — a rare evaporite mineral low in chloride — from a mine in North Yorkshire, crushing and grinding the mineral and then granulating the resulting powder using a starch binder from ADM under a patented process. ADM Fertilizer serves as the distribution partner for POLY4 in North America.

Even better, POL4 has no requirement for chemical processing and has the lowest CO2 emissions compared to other fertilizer products. It is an efficient and effective fertilizer that allows farmers to maximize their crop yield, increase quality and improve soil structure. For more information on POLY-4, visit www.poly4.com.