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ADM's purpose is to unlock the power of nature, to enrich the quality of life.

We transform natural products into a complete portfolio of ingredients and flavors for foods and beverages, supplements, nutrition for pets and livestock and more. And with an array of unparalleled capabilities across every part of the global food chain, we give our customers an edge in solving global challenges of today and tomorrow.

ADM Overview – Unlocking Nature. Enriching Life.

ADM Overview – Unlocking Nature. Enriching Life.

What We Do

  • We don’t own farms, but we work with growers, supporting them with personalized services and innovative technologies; partnering with them to develop and enhance sustainable practices; and transforming their bounty into products for consumers around the globe.
  • We take natural products and turn them into staple foods, sustainable, renewable industrial products, and an expansive pantry of food and beverage ingredients and solutions to enrich the lives of a global population.
  • From plant-based proteins to probiotics, we’re growing nutrition trends, working closely with our customers to create custom, delicious solutions from nature to meet consumer preferences.
  • We do the same with animal nutrition products. Today, more people want to feed their pets the same kind of clean, healthy products they eat themselves and consumers expect livestock and poultry to be fed and raised humanely and sustainably.
  • Our innovation and expertise are helping people live healthier lives. Around the world, our food scientists, flavorists, chefs and more offer innovative solutions for consumers seeking foods, beverages and supplements to support health and wellness.
  • Our global footprint combines with local insights to give us capabilities few other companies have –ensuring that we get the very best ingredients from around the globe to our customers, wherever they may be.