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Get the ball rolling and capture more of the growing sports nutrition market. As consumer attitudes toward exercise and nutrition continue to evolve, new opportunities in sports nutrition—including those outside the traditional ‘athlete’ segment—are growing as well. You can target a wider range of consumers and sprint to market faster with formulation propositions that are consumer-driven and complete. Just leverage our world-class portfolio of ingredients, flavor & formulation expertise, and technical ingenuity to give you a winning edge.

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Nutrition for the Game of Life

High in plant protein. Low in sugar. Clean label. Transparent and trusted. Today’s consumers have a long list when it comes to the nutrition they expect to fuel their daily lives, including balanced energy, better overall mental wellbeing, and enhanced immunity, especially now. They appreciate the role their microbiome plays in their metabolic health & wellness management, positioning the human microbiome as a new space for health & wellness and the next generation of personalized sports nutrition. 

Give consumers the targeted nutrition they seek, with a wide variety of sports nutrition ingredient solutions that help you deliver a clean label, credible customized claims, high protein derived from plants, reduced sugar, and biotics that support metabolic health, to name a few. 

We work as an extension of your team, partnering to develop complete propositions that are grounded in consumer insights.  

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Sports Nutrition Pantry Solutions

Scoop up the perfect solutions from a broad and deep portfolio of ingredient solutions that really perform—from nutrition & functionality to taste & texture and everything in between—all with a reputation for reliability and quality that’s second to none.

Tap into our pantry for:

Taste Solutions

  • Natural flavors
  • Extracts & distillates
  • Oils & fats
  • Sweetening solutions
  • Flours
  • Taste modification
  • Vegetable powders

Texture Solutions

  • Starches
  • Emulsifiers & stabilizers 
  • Peanut Powder
  • Seeds
  • Soy/pea proteins
  • Sugar-reduction solutions
  • Taste modification

Nutrition & Functionality Solutions

  • Plant proteins
  • Health & wellness
  • Natural antioxidants
  • Botanicals & fruit powders
  • Vegetable powders
  • Whole grain flours
  • Ancient grains
  • Nuts & seeds
  • Beans & pulses
  • Soy/pea proteins
  • Sugar-reduction solutions
  • Oils & fats
  • Natural preservatives
  • Emulsifiers & stabilizers

Color Solutions

  • Colors from Nature®
  • Coloring foodstuff

Sports Protein Powder

Marketed as sports nutrition or bodybuilding supplements, these convenient and versatile nutritional products can be made into a drink or mixed with food, to give a minimum of 20g of protein per serving. Whey tops the list of most common proteins, followed by soy and egg, but other plant proteins such as rice and pea are creating fast growth. Get an edge in a competitive marketplace with your choice of traditional and emerging plant proteins, and the expertise to make them taste great.

Sports Protein Bars

High in protein and often nutritionally fortified to give an energy boost, protein bars are specifically positioned around sports, fitness or workout, with callouts such as: “performance,” “training,” “muscle building,” and “recovery.” The fastest growth is coming from both clean/simple labels and high-protein, low-sugar versions that use high-intensity sweeteners. Functional ingredients such as DHA & Omega-3s continue to emerge in high-growth brands. Give your brand a boost, with a wide variety of in-demand functional and health & wellness ingredients.

Pre/Post Workout Solutions

Non-protein sports nutrition products, those products without protein as their core ingredient, can also be used to build or repair muscles. They may also be positioned as energy-producing, endurance, muscle growth, recovery, or strength improvers. The category is dominated by energy-boosting pre-workout supplements, often with high caffeine and beta-alanine, but also includes amino acids, carbohydrates, creatine, L-carnitine, and nitric oxide among other ingredients. Gain home-court advantage, when you give consumers the customized experiences they’re looking for, with an entire pantry of ingredients.

Sports Protein Ready-to-Drink

These ready-to-drink beverages or shakes contain 20 grams of protein or more per serving and are consumed to aid in sports activities, especially bodybuilding. The quickest growth comes from high-protein offerings powered with up to 50g of protein per serving, as well as the opportunities created by the interest in a wider variety of plant proteins. Stand out in the crowd when you choose from cutting-edge plant proteins and take advantage of our decades of plant protein expertise.

Outside VoiceSM and Inside VoiceSMare the proprietary consumer insights we use to help you stay ahead of the trend curve.

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