Baking blends the best of culinary arts and food science into a single application. ADM has the soy protein ingredients and baking expertise you need to bring the highest quality baked products to market. From defatted soy flours for use in cereals, cookies, and crackers to isolated soy proteins that deliver high nutrition with low water-binding, ADM provides products designed to bring out the best in even the most demanding bakery applications.

Our application scientists and formulators are experts in working with you to find the right protein for partial or complete egg, milk, and/or shortening replacement and to enhance the performance of dry mixes, finished crackers, bagels, muffins, and breads. ADM soy proteins help to extend shelf life, improve nutrition, and enhance flavor, letting you develop the right formulation to suit any finished product need.

  • Improve nutrition
  • Extend shelf life
  • Texture enhancement
  • Improve machinability and dough quality

Find out how ADM can help you serve better bakery products.


Dairy substitute for neutral beverages