Wheat Proteins & Textured Wheat Proteins

We Put the Delicious into Functional Plant Proteins

Wheat proteins from ADM are highly versatile, do-it-all ingredients that offer on-trend plant protein with minimal flavor impact, to deliver the right balance of taste texture, functionality and consumer appeal.

Consumers Want Plant Protein That Tastes Good

More than 70% rate protein from plant sources as healthy, and plant-based diets are on the rise, but taste remains the number one driver for purchase behavior

We Help Make It Crave-Worthy

Our non-GMO wheat proteins offer the on-trend appeal of plant protein- with a neutral flavor that delivers a taste consumers love. Plus, we offer the functionality you need- from providing strength in baked goods to texture improvement when used as an alternative to egg, dairy and meat ingredients. And, we’ve got the technical ingenuity and deep understanding of ingredients to help select the ideal wheat protein to solve your challenges and deliver consumer-driven texture and taste enhancement.

The Right Products

ADM offers a variety of wheat proteins with various options to meet your application requirements and fulfill consumer desires for a variety of plant-based foods with great taste and texture.

Featured wheat protein ingredients

PurelyNature™ Textured Wheat Protein 
Enhance taste and texture to achieve a meat-like chew and increase water binding in meat and seafood alternatives.
PurelyNature™ Wheat Protein Powder Enhance texture and taste in meat and seafood alternatives. Carefully processed to
reduce flavor intensity compared to vital wheat gluten, to deliver a better overall taste with fewer off notes and less flavor masking needed.
Prolite® 100 Excellent hydration properties help reduce/replace egg or dairy in baked or processed foods. Great for use in sheeted doughs. Foaming, whipping or aeration to improve mouthfeel in sauces, fillings and desserts.
Prolite® 200 Reduced vitality compared to vital wheat gluten for added extensibility in baked goods with a softer and lighter texture. Excellent binding properties in a variety of applications.
SmartBind™ Used in egg replacement and to provide whipping or aeration in applications

Vital Wheat Gluten

Provim® ESP®Standard vital wheat gluten for a variety of applications.
Whetpro® 75Standard vital wheat gluten for a variety of applications.
Sourced from higher protein Canadian wheat.
Whetpro® 80 Higher protein vital wheat gluten offers improved binding characteristics in breads
with inclusions such as fruits, nuts, etc.
SuperGluten® 80Premium, high protein vital wheat gluten offers rapid water absorption
in applications such as pasta.
Prolite® LFHigh protein, low flavor vital wheat gluten for use in applications where low
cereal flavor and high gluten functionality are desired, such as meat alternatives and cheese analogs.

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