Fruit-Based Sweeteners

Sweet Solutions That Really Bear Fruit

Fruit-based sweeteners from ADM offer the unsurpassed consumer appeal of the original sweet ingredient: fruit. In the search for real, recognizable ingredients, cleaner labels, and the sweetness they love, consumers want it all. Our fruit-based sweeteners help you give them everything they want, and more.

Fruit Up™ fruit syrup
Clean tasting and clear labeling sweetness from fruit that also offers a low-glycemic response making it an ideal solution for products designed for sustained energy release. Fruit Up™ is created through our proprietary and purely physical extraction technology, without the use of additives, chemicals or enzymatic treatment—and is Non-GMO and Kosher—for consumer-friendly positioning in a wide variety of applications, from beverages including alcohol & mixers, to cereals & snack bars, dairy products & frozen desserts.

SweetRight™ monk fruit sweetener
Naturally sourced fruit-based sweetener with a superior taste profile that lets consumers have it both ways with all the remarkable, clean sweetness they love and none of the calories or artificial ingredients they don’t. Monk fruit delivers sweetness without bitterness, making it an ideal choice to reduce sugar and calories and remove other sweeteners in a wide variety of food and beverage products—without sacrificing taste. Extracted from the fruit of the siraitia grosvenorii plant and up to 200 times as sweet as sugar, monk fruit has none of the calories and all of the sweetness that consumers want.

Along with offering fruit-based sweetness and a simpler label, our fruit-based sweeteners have the added benefits of ADM’s industry-leading Sweet Savvysm expertise and ingenuity, unparalleled sweetener portfolio and our highly reliable sustainable supply.

Targeted Functional Benefits with Fruit-Based Sweeteners

ADM’s fruit-based sweeteners work well in a variety of food and beverage applications from drinks to desserts and everything in between, and they offer specific benefits:

  • Consumer appeal: simpler label with sweetness from fruit
  • Sugar reduction: reducing sugar and replacing other sweeteners
  • Mouthfeel: sweet taste, round out flavor and mouthfeel
  • Functionality: working well alone or in tandem with other sweeteners, including stevia
  • Balanced sweetness: appealing to wellness-minded consumers

The Right Products

ADM offers fruit-based sweeteners to meet your application requirements and fulfill consumer desires for foods and beverages with great sweet taste and pleasing texture.

Fruit Sweeteners
Fruit Up™ fruit syrup
Fruit Up™

SweetRight™ monk fruit sweetener
Monk Fruit 40
Monk Fruit 50
Monk Fruit 55

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