Reduced Sugar Glucose Syrup

Sweeten Your Label by Reducing the Sugar

It’s simple: you can reduce sugar when you replace your traditional corn syrup with SweetRightTM reduced sugar glucose syrup (RSGS)—without sacrificing functionality. SweetRightTM RSGS is a drop-in replacement for some traditional glucose syrups that still gives you the key functionality and flexibility you need, with minimal formulation or manufacturing changes required.

With lower percentages of mono and disaccharides (DP1 & DP2), reduced sugar glucose syrup means that your nutrition facts label shows up to 30% less sugar. ADM’s technical teams can help you easily swap it into your existing formulations without losing any of the key functional or sensory properties, delivering products consumers will love.

Targeted Functional Benefits with Reduced Sugar Glucose Syrup

ADM’s SweetRightTM Reduced Sugar Glucose Syrup provides the perfect combination of label appeal with much-needed functionality:

  • Lowers added sugars on label
  • Offers corn syrup functionality, including bulking & binding
  • Delivers viscosity comparable to traditional corn syrups for ease in processing
  • Provides clean label flexibility as “Glucose Syrup” or “Corn Syrup”

RSGS works well in applications including bars, confections, sauces and dressings, frozen novelties, baked goods/cereals/snacks including cookies, and beverages.

  • Maintains preferred caloric content in energy drink and meal replacement solutions
  • Helps maintain moisture and consistent texture over shelf life in baked goods, bars and confections
  • Provides emulsion stability and freeze/thaw characteristics in frozen desserts
  • Delivers a bright well-balanced flavor profile in jams and jellies

The Right Products

Meet your application requirements and fulfill consumer desires for foods and beverages with great taste, lower added sugars and pleasing texture.

SweetRightTM Reduced Sugar Glucose Syrup