SweetRight™ Edge Stevia

When Taste Matters Most

Ready to deliver maximum sugar reduction with maximum consumer-pleasing taste? SweetRight™ Edge, the newest star in ADM’s stevia toolbox, is our innovative, next generation stevia leaf extract. With SweetRight™ Edge, you get 15% more sweetness than with other steviol glycosides, with significantly less linger than products such as RebM 90 or RebA 97.

Created with the goal of finding a way to use the best of the stevia plant, we leveraged a new approach to stevia extraction and purification that Edge maximizes the glycosides that taste the best while minimizing those with less desirable attributes, such as bitterness and licorice off-notes. Edge provides the ultimate consumer-pleasing taste with less off-notes, bitterness and astringency.

SweetRight™ Edge makes it easy to please today’s want-it-all consumers by ticking the boxes on their wish list: no added sugar, great taste and a nice, clean label with ingredients they recognize.

It takes something extra special to create delightful sweetness without losing great taste or functionality. It takes Sweet SavvySM, the perfect blend of expertise and technical ingenuity. Our technical experts work with you to deliver a winning formulation starring SweetRight Edge, complemented by our vast portfolio of complementary ingredients. We’re there to help your process to scale up efficiently, and use our consumer-based sensory testing to ensure maximum consumer appeal.

Targeted Functional Benefits with SweetRight™ Edge Stevia

ADM’s SweetRight™ Edge offers sugar reduction in beverages and products where clean sweet taste matters most, and it offers specific benefits:

  • Consumer appeal: a clean label and clean sweetness
  • Functionality: ease and efficiency of one to one replacement for other Stevia products with superior quality of sweetness for masking, taste modification or bitterness blocking
  • No calories and no carbs with a glycemic index of zero

The Right Products

ADM offers SweetRight™ Edge stevia to meet your most challenging application requirements—where taste matters most—to fulfill consumer desires for foods and beverages with great sweet taste and pleasing texture.

SweetRight Edge Stevia
SweetRight Edge

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