Traditional Wet & Dry Sweeteners

Nutritive Sweetening

Sweetness + Nutrition = Sweet Sensations

Traditional nutritive sweeteners—sugar, corn syrups and fructose—plus label-friendly and consumer-approved options such as honey, molasses and fruit-based sweetening options, form the strong foundation of our unparalleled sweetener portfolio. Thanks to our global supply network and proprietary logistics infrastructure, we’ve got exactly what it takes to get you to market faster, competitively and efficiently, with globally sourced sweeteners for a reliable, flexible supply chain to meet all your business needs.

Add in conveniently placed assets, a commitment to quality, consumer insights, sweetness expertise and an entire pantry of solutions designed to complement your product, and you get uncompromising consumer-pleasing results across a range of food and beverage category applications.

Sweet Savvy Expertise and Ingenuity

We use our R&D expertise and ingenuity to help address your nutritional requirements and make a positive impact in consumers’ lives through enjoyable foods and beverages. How do we do it? By optimizing each of our product development, applications, culinary, flavor creation, color creation and sensory professional teams to help you create a sweetening solution that works synergistically with your product’s flavor, color, texture, nutrition, packaging and shelf-life requirements.

We don’t stop there. We understand your entire manufacturing process and can deliver innovative solutions to complex production or sourcing challenges. And, no one understands market supply and demand for key agricultural products like corn or sugar like the experts at ADM.

An Unparalleled Sweetener Portfolio

With the industry’s most comprehensive sweeteners and sweetening solutions portfolio, we offer an extensive and ever-expanding array of sweeteners, complementary ingredients and solutions to meet your needs for ingredients with the functionality you demand and the delivery, storage and handling options your business needs. We have the right solution for your application, whether you need a corn syrup that slows the formation of crystal in ice cream, dextrose for your dietary supplement, or a dried honey powder that works perfectly in your wheat bread.

Sustainable Supply

ADM is a leader in sustainable supply, with global supply chain integrity and quality assurance supported by an impressive system of 450 crop procurement locations, more than 330 food and feed ingredient manufacturing facilities, 62 innovation centers and the world’s premier crop transportation network. And that supply is assured, thanks to our experience managing commodity risk.

The Right Products

ADM offers a variety of traditional nutritive sweeteners to meet your application requirements.

Corn Syrups and Fructose
Leading product lines of corn sweeteners including corn syrups, high-fructose corn syrups, crystalline fructose

Honey & Molasses
Consumer favorites with recognizable names for wholesome sweetness

Made from corn, for mildly sweet natural flavor enhancement that provides the body with energy

A full line of sugar products and blends sourced from cane or beet

Sweeteners derived from fruit, for consumer-pleasing labels

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