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Specialty Syrups Innovation

The resurgence of syrups: balance all-important consumer trends with business-facing demands.

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Bridge the Gap

Consumers desire positive taste experiences with optimized nutrition and cleaner labels while production demands more efficient processes, cost optimization and superior functionality. As the industry rapidly reformulates our beloved food and beverages to try to meet all requirements, performance expectations are rarely met which has driven the resurgence of nutritive syrup innovation.

Quality sweetening alternatives are the key to your success. With over a century of knowledge and trusted success in bulk sweetening supply, ADM has a portfolio of specialty syrups to answer your challenges across consumer values, business demands and sustainable sourcing.

Explore Drop-In Specialty Syrup Product Families
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SweetRight® Reduced Sugar Glucose Syrups

Achieve 30% less sugar from a syrup.

Drop-in solutions to reduce added sugars while maintaining funtionality. Combine with high potency sweeteners to achieve even greater reductions.

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SweetRight® Organic Rice & Tapioca Syrups

As clean as can be. 

Replace traditional syrups with non-GMO, organic, allergen-free and grain-free solutions for brands and consumers that demand clean and clear labels. 

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SweetRight® Honey Extender

Our answer to market volatility.

Save on costly liquid honey with a 1:1 replacement that reduces waste and preserves delicate honey flavors. 

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SweetRight® Organic Agave

Responsibly sourced.

Deliver sweetness, certified. Our premium agave ingredients are fair trade, organic, non-GMO and low glycemic, sourced with supply you can trust. 

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GrainSweet® Liquid Maltodextrin

Ease and efficiency with label benefits. 

Reduces production time compared to use of dry maltodextrins. Extends shelf life and reduces sugars.

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GrainSweet® Glucose-Fructose Syrup

Removes HFCS while staying cost competitive.

Sucrose is not the only answer — this syrup proves to be more favorable on labels than HFCS and better for your bottom line. 

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Fruit Up® Fruit Syrups

Premium sweetness from fruit. 

Clean label sweetener from apple and carob fruits with minimal processing and low glycemic index. Labels as fruit syrup. 

Solutions Without Compromise

Navigate production efficiencies, ingredient costs, risk management, and keep customers happy when you implement ADM specialty syrups into your supply chain.

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Proactive Nutrition

Weight management, Immune and digestive support, Support metabolic health and glucose regulation


Higher yields and productivity, Easier handling and drop-in replacements, Consistent and reliable supply

Positive Label Appeal

Free-from and plant-based products, Recognizable and trusted ingredients, Transparent and ethical sourcing

Cost Optimization

Reduce and/or replace costly ingredients, Optimize manufacturing and production costs, Mitigate risks and crises

Permissible Indulgence

Discovery of new flavors and textures, Comforting and nostalgic goods, Indulging cravings and rewards


Superior and consistent performance, Maintain structural integrities of food, Deliver on sensory experience

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Balance all-important consumer trends with business-facing demands.

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