Nature Based Health Solutions

Naturally Clean and Clear Label Solutions

As consumers look to alternative solutions to support their own health & wellness, ADM offers you a single source to deliver the naturally clean and/or clear label solutions they want. Our nature-based health solutions are customizable and deliver superior quality and performance. Most importantly, they successfully meet consumer needs. 

What's more, they are supported by ADM's high-quality and reliable supply, dependable customer service, and expertise in taste, nutrition, and functionality. These nature-based health solutions are part of our extensive industry-leading portfolio of nutrition, taste, texture and functional solutions. They include dietary fiber/prebiotics, plant- and algal-based nutritional oils, mixed tocopherols and vitamin E, sterols and sterol esters, soy isoflavones and natural preservation systems.

CardioAid® plant sterols are an option from nature to lower cholesterol levels. Novatol® naturally sourced vitamin E is an effective, clean label solution for addressing skin, eye, and heart health. Novasoy® soy isoflavones can help reduce the severity and frequency of hot flashes during menopause. Onavita™ omega 3 oils can support cognitive, heart, joint and eye health. 

CardioAid® Plant Sterols

Novatol® Naturally Sourced Vitamin E

NovaSoy® Soy Isoflavones

Onavita™ Omega 3 Oils