NovaSoy® Soy Isoflavones

NovaSoy®: Cool Solution to a Hot Problem

Every year, more than one million American women achieve menopause—caused by estrogen deficiency due to the natural aging process—with an average age of onset between 50 and 52. As many as 75% of those women will experience bothersome symptoms, particularly hot flashes.

For menopausal women, soy isoflavones, like those found in NovaSoy®, have been scientifically shown to offer a cool solution by reducing the frequency and severity of hot flashes. How does it work? Isoflavones are phytoestrogens, which can mimic similar characteristics as human hormones. They often interact with estrogen receptors to produce similar effects in the body.

And, because NovaSoy® is a plant-based product, it appeals to health-conscious consumers looking to support their transition to menopause naturally, yet effectively.

It's easy to offer naturally sourced NovaSoy® as part of your quality products. We look at your formulation holistically, leveraging our plant-based expertise. Then we take your product into one of our three U.S.-based application labs to mimic your process and scale up solutions quickly and efficiently. Add in our deep understanding of what consumers want—and what they actually buy. Count on us to help you tackle challenges that impact both manufacturing processes and formulations, helping you to keep up with changing consumer preferences and regulatory guidelines. Plus, NovaSoy® is backed by our commitment to quality control and our reliable supply chain.

We operate one of the world’s largest soy isoflavone facilities, producing the greatest variety of isoflavone supplement products sourced from identity-preserved non-GM soybean varieties as well as PCR negative products.

The Novasoy® brand’s familiar “green leaf” can be found on over 125 supplement brands all over the world. We offer isoflavones in concentrations from 20 percent to 70 percent, in products specially compounded to facilitate handling and tablet-making.

Novasoy® 152-400
40% minimum soy isoflavone content

NovaSoy® 152-650
65% minimum soy isoflavone content

NovaSoy® Isoflavones Concentrate 20%
Fine powder that works well in food ingredients and bars

NovaSoy® Isoflavones Concentrate 40% 
Fine powder ideally suited for most applications

NovaSoy® Isoflavones Concentrate 70%
Fine powder that works well in functional beverages