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Protect Yourself from Recruitment Fraud

ADM is aware that criminals are falsely representing themselves as officers of ADM and have illegally used the logo and name of ADM in connection with fake recruitment schemes which seek to defraud, mislead, and steal money and personal information from job-seeking individuals, particularly in South America.

These criminals typically claim they are representing ADM as recruiters and ask for identification as well as other personal documents. They may use fraudulent email domains similar to adm.com, such as @adm.net.co or @adms.com.co, or ask for documents to be sent to consumer services such as gmail.com, WhatsApp or social media sites. Subsequently, we understand the criminals request victims send funds to pay for alleged immigration procedures, document review and/or English proficiency tests.

ADM does not ask for any financial commitment or contribution from a candidate at any stage of the recruitment process. Legitimate recruiting correspondence will always come from an authorized adm.com email address. All job applications are processed on our ADM Careers site.

ADM categorically states that it has nothing to do with this fraudulent recruitment scheme, and we do not have a relationship of any kind with these individuals. We strongly recommend that all individuals who have been victims of this scam file claims with their local law enforcement authorities.