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ADM’s Commitment to Protecting Forests, Biodiversity and Communities

ADM is fully committed to ending deforestation, and to preserving biodiversity and water resources in our supply chains. This includes holding our suppliers accountable for producing commodities in ways that do not further deforestation in order to reduce impact on climate change. We believe that sustainable, ethical and responsible production by the food industry is critical for curbing global warming, conserving native biodiversity, and upholding the rights of indigenous communities and smallholders. We aim to eliminate deforestation from all of our supply chains by 2030.

Natural resources are essential to an abundant future, and we are striving to reduce the impact of our operations and supply chain while making a positive contribution to the wellbeing of people and the health of the planet. Our dedication to sustainable practices results in a stronger ADM and a better world.

 ADM is committed to continuous improvement and to adaptation based on the latest science. We began the process of reviewing and revising our policy in 2020, and have made improvements to reflect current social and environmental standards and stakeholders expectations. In March 2021, we released our Policy to Protect Forests, Biodiversity and Communities.   

Traceability Achievements

ADM has achieved 100% traceability for direct sourcing and 97% deforestation-free and conversion-free supply chains in the 25 municipalities at greatest risk for deforestation in the Cerrado biome of Brazil. By the end of 2022, we are on pace to achieve full traceability throughout our entire soy supply chains in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, including direct and indirect sourcing. 

Since 2018, ADM has maintained a high level of traceability to the mill in the palm oil supply chain. At the end of 2020, we have achieved traceability of 99.6% of our palm oil sourcing to the mill of origin and 44.9% to the plantation of origin, and 99.2% of our palm kernel oil to the mill of origin and 25.9% to the plantation of origin.   

Transparent Reporting

At ADM, transparency is a core value. We maintain monthly updates to our grievances and resolutions log, through which we publish updates on investigations into each inquiry about our supply chains. Further, our policy describes ADM’s non-compliance protocol for suppliers.

We also publish biannual progress reports on focused palm oil and South American soy, which contain specific milestones and data on progress toward achieving our commitments. Learn more about our progress here.

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