Our Commitment to No-Deforestation

As one of the world’s leading agricultural processors and food-ingredient providers, ADM commits to build traceable and transparent agricultural supply chains that protect forests worldwide.

Though we are not a grower of crops, we work independently and with industry partners and other stakeholders to improve the quality of crops in the global supply chain, the lives of farmers and communities that grow them, and the environment we share.

This commitment is advanced through policies focused on palm and soy supply chains.

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Our Commitment to Respect Human Rights

We believe that although governments have the primary duty to protect and ensure fulfillment of human rights, we have a responsibility to respect human rights and can play a positive role in the communities where we operate. While we generally are not growers, ADM’s scale, reach and vast supplier network give us the opportunity to help improve the conditions under which crops are grown, transported and marketed around the world, as well as the lives of those who grow them and of other workers and communities along the supply chain.

We work collaboratively with stakeholders—including other industry participants, governments and NGOs—to address opportunities for improvement in the agricultural supply chain, including worker rights and conditions, on-farm health and safety, and the land rights of indigenous peoples.

ADM also maintains its own standards, policies and practices to ensure that our colleagues, our suppliers and their contractors respect workers’ rights and comply with all applicable local, national and international laws governing working conditions.

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