About ADM France

First established in France in 1992, ADM operates several facilities across the country. These include a specialty oils and fats refinery in Arras, with a sales office in Fourqueux near Paris, and a wheat processing plant offering starch-based products located in Bazancourt, in the Champagne-Ardennes region. Following the Neovia acquisition in February 2019, ADM Animal Nutrition provides complete feed, premix & services, pet food, feed additives and ingredients through production facilities, laboratories and R&D centers located across France. Together, ADM employs over 1400 people in France.

About SIO

At ADM SIO’s facilities located in Arras, crude sunflower, rapeseed, soybean, olive and sesame oil is converted into highly purified and refined oils used in pharmaceutical, food, feed and cosmetic products. Injectable-grade pharmaceutical oils are used both as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and as excipients for oil-soluble drugs. These highly purified oils from vegetable origin are supported by Drug Master Files (DMFs) and meet all relevant pharmaceutical regulations for use as either APIs or excipients, and are manufactured according to pharmaceutical cGMP standards.

In addition, SIO offers contract manufacturing capabilities with cGMP production capacity and laboratories audited by the FDA, as well as GMP refining, hydrogenation and esterification workshops.

The company provides responsible and innovative solutions for vegetable oils with nutritional or functional benefits, and a high degree of product safety. Vegetable oils are compliant with environmental requirements, food safety regulations and sustainable development standards. Products are exported across the world, with primary markets in Europe and Asia.

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About ADM Bazancourt

ADM Bazancourt transforms and processes wheat into starch-based products for use in food, feed and technical applications and provides technical expertise in product formulation.



Products include glucose syrups and glucose-fructose syrups, vital or hydrolyzed wheat proteins, starch, and wheat germs. These products offer high quality solutions to provide texture, transparency, taste, shelf life extension and nutritional balance.


As a long-term actor in the animal feed industry, the company provides a range of high quality materials (glucose syrup, starch, vital or hydrolyzed wheat proteins and wheat solubles) for animal feed. Applications include milk replacers for calves and piglets, pet food, aquaculture and feed for cattle and pigs


Starch-based products including glucose syrup, starch, vital or hydrolyzed proteins and wheat soluble are used in the production of paper-cardboard, biofuels, cosmetics, building materials, glues and adhesives, compost and more.

ADM Animal Nutrition

ADM Animal Nutrition delivers high-quality products and services for the animal nutrition industry and operates a number of sites across France, including three research facilities, twelve manufacturing sites, two analytical laboratories, four offices and eight joint-ventures with feed-millers. ADM Animal Nutrition‘s main offices is based in St. Nolff, near Vannes.

Products include (for all animal species):

  • Vitamin and mineral based premixes
  • Compound feeds
  • Specialty animal feeds (creep feed for piglets, horse feed etc..)
  • Licking buckets and stones
  • Nutritional specialties

ADM Animal Nutrition has developed strategic alliances through joint-ventures with regional cooperatives in addition to providing premix solutions and services to the compound feed industry, primarily through WISIUM, its global brand for premix activities. The company also operates trademarks such as Agro 01 for its on-farm sales and technical support, and Nutrilac for ruminant licking buckets.

Through its extensive footprint and long-standing presence in France and across the globe, ADM Animal Nutrition is the French market leader in the premix and services sector.

ADM Animal Nutrition also operates two state-of-the-art analytical laboratories (one near Vannes and the other in Thury Harcourt). Both labs also work with external feed and food companies.

The feed additives & ingredients activities represented by the Pancosma brand are present in France through a feed additives production facility located in Haute-Savoie and a sales and technical team based in Vannes.