Corn Sweeteners

We produce three main types of starch-based sugars from corn: glucose, isoglucose and crystalline fructose, and glucose/isoglucose syrups’ blends as well.

Our glucose syrups provide structure and texture, as well as sweetness and energy, in foods and beverages. Additionally, glucose syrups are essential in the production of many foods because they help to stop sugar crystalizing in finished products. They also provide stability during the freeze-thaw process, making them perfect for confectionery, ice-cream, fruit preparations, pastry products, ketchups and sauces.

The sugar profiles of our isoglucose products and blends – also known as glucose-fructose syrups – make them suitable for beverages, dairy products, fruit preserves, halva and sauces. They are costeffective and easy to use.

Crystalline fructose is the sweetest of all naturally-occurring nutritive sugars. It can be used alongside other nutritive and high-intensity sweeteners, giving the required sweetness profile to a wide variety of food and beverage ingredients. The high relative sweetness and low glycaemic index of fructose make it ideal for use in reduced-sugar recipes.