Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

With our broad ingredient portfolio, technical ingenuity and market insights, we make it possible to get to market faster with beverages consumers have a taste for.

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Quench the Thirst for What & Next

So whether you're looking for a classic drink or a trend-forward solution, our capabilities enable you to launch whatever, whenever.

From functional and flavored waters and carbonates to juices and sports drinks, every beverage application has its own unique challenges—and requires distinctly different solutions for success. When you leverage our consumer, product, and sensory insights, along with our full pantry of ingredients and solutions, you can get to market faster with winning beverage propositions.

Carbonated Soft Drinks

Consumers are opting for carbonated soft drinks that appeal to their evolving needs and changing lifestyles, whether that be sugar reduction, adventurous flavors or even added functionality. Balance taste and function with our portfolio of flavors, health and wellness ingredients and sweeteners, and take advantage of our innovative expertise, driven by consumer, product and sensory insights.

Energy Drinks

Energize your offerings with our clean and clear label ingredient solutions such as consumer-preferred flavors and flavor combinations, protein, Branched-Chain Amino Acids, antioxidants, sugar reduction and more. Taste is still king, and we help you balance it with functionality and sugar reduction. Deliver it all when you tap into our consumer, product and sensory insights, and our portfolio of flavors, health and wellness ingredients and sweeteners.

Hot Beverages

Let's wake up coffee and tea consumers with our portfolio of flavors, extracts and botanicals as well as health and wellness ingredients, sweeteners and all the insights you need to succeed.

Juices & Juice Drinks

Whether you need a single juice, juice blend or high juice application, we have the innovation, consumer insights and development and application expertise to give your products consistently great flavor and value.

Consumers are focused on calorie reduction and added functionality in their favorite juice drinks. With our insights and know-how, you can produce modern juice drinks with less added sugars and more functional benefits. All of this is combined with the perfect combination of natural flavors, health and wellness ingredients and sweeteners.

Ready-To-Drink Teas & Coffees

With ready-to-drink teas and coffees, you can appeal to consumers’ senses with our ability to work with less added sugars, more functional benefits—and great taste. Balance taste and function with our portfolio of natural flavors and sweetening solutions.

Sports Drinks

When it comes to sports drinks, the focus is on better-for-you brands with ingredients consumers know and understand and less added sugars. Consumers are seeking holistic alternatives in the form of great tasting, refreshing beverages with smart sweetening solutions, vibrant colors and naturally occurring flavors. Make your drink a success with our sweeteners, Colors from Nature® and our broad portfolio of health and wellness ingredients—proteins, botanicals, antioxidants and more.

Flavored and Functional Waters

Consumers want products that balance taste and nutrition that fits into their specific needs and modern lifestyle, such as post-workout hydration. Deliver what consumers want with our sensory, consumer and product insights, our broad portfolio of health and wellness ingredients and our flavor and development expertise.

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