Sweet Brown & Cola

Sweet Brown & Cola

While consumers are increasingly focused on their health, they still enjoy indulging in their favorite treats.

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Permissible Indulgence

Whether in nostalgic formats or in a better-for-you version of the original, ADM delivers on the expectations of great taste through consumer-preferred profiles of classic flavor types. From high-end, white tablecloth desserts to a humble homemade cookie, these flavors express comfort, indulgence and a celebration for your taste buds.

ADM helps you differentiate your products and get them to market faster with delicious richness and value. As such, our portfolio of flavors would not be complete without sweet brown and cola profiles, as these flavor types are key to confectionery (chocolate, caramel), beverage (RTD coffee and cola), baked goods and cereals and snacking.

ADM’s flavor competencies in the key components of cola flavor profiles help you get to market faster with cola beverages for every market.  With expertise in citrus, vanilla, spice, emulsions, colors, and a collaborative approach to sugar reduction, ADM can equip both retail and private label brands with full solutions that can hit the shelves quickly.

With our market-ready and custom-built flavor and taste solutions, you can deliver delicious, nutritious products—all with delightful color, taste and texture—when you partner with ADM.

The Right Products

Sweet Brown flavors

  • Chocolate
  • Caramel
  • Nuts (all varieties)
  • Honey
  • Dessert profiles
  • Vanilla

Flavor Expertise for Cola


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