Palm Kernel Oils

Palm Kernel Oils

High-Level Versatility and Functionality: ADM's palm kernel oil is versatile, stable and ideal for use in a variety of consumer-pleasing confections.

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Hitting the High Points

Palm kernel oils from ADM provide high-level versatility and functionality so you can deliver consumer-pleasing confections. Established for its functional properties prominent in confectionery products, palm kernel oil is proving useful across dairy alternatives, snack foods and toppings. Whether used for its inherent solid fat content and melt point, or further modified with ADM's expertise in hydrogenation, interesterification or blending, ADM can deliver a palm kernel oil formulation that is right for you.

Targeted Functional Benefits

Our palm kernel oils are ideal for confectionery products and coatings, dairy alternatives, whipped toppings and bring specific functional benefits:

  • Functionality in a range of applications
  • Wide variety of melting profiles available
  • Ability to further modify with interesterification and hydrogenation
  • Know-how with oil experts experienced in oil formulation and a team of application scientists to support your product from ideation to production


Our Commitment to Doing More

ADM uses an assessment scorecard and third-party review to monitor the performance of its direct palm kernel oil suppliers, all of which have established No-Deforestation policies. In addition to membership in RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm), ADM is a member of the NDPE IRF (Integrated Reporting Framework) Active Work Group. Membership in these organizations supports ADM’s commitment to ending deforestation and preserving biodiversity and communities in our supply chain.

Read more about ADM's commitment to responsible sourcing.

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Palm Kernel Oils

Palm kernel oils from ADM provide high-level versatility and functionality along with a steep melting point needed to make successful on-trend foods and beverages

Interesterified Palm Kernel Oil

Interesterified oils from ADM help you create delicious foods with the delightful taste and texture consumers love, by delivering the full functionality you need.

Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil

Hydrogenated oils from ADM help you create delicious foods with the taste and texture consumers demand, by giving you versatile functionality with a wide range of melting points and solid fat profiles.

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