SweetRight® Stevia Edge

SweetRight® Stevia Edge

SweetRight® Stevia Edge, for when taste matters most. ADM's proprietary stevia solutions are obtained from carefully grown stevia plants and backed by ADM’s high-quality standards and reliable supply.

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Sweetness Done Right

For maximum sugar reduction with the ultimate in consumer-pleasing taste, SweetRight® Stevia Edge solutions provide superior sensory performance in applications where taste is most important.


ADM's proprietary stevia extraction and purification technology allows us to use the best of the stevia plant by maximizing the glycosides that taste best while minimizing those with less desirable attributes.


Our line of stevia products continues to evolve as we innovate to improve taste and functionality. Our Edge offering provides a clean sweet taste with no added sugar and less bitterness, astringency or off-notes than the competition.

Stevia C12 Gated ABTest

Download Our Technical Look at Stevia Edge-M

For decades we have committed resources to innovation and advancement in stevia, with ingredients like Edge-M, which has been four years in the making. Our proprietary research feeds new stevia solutions, to improve sensory output year after year.

Our practice is grounded on the fundamentals and best practices of lab controls with precise measurement—all resulting in controlled execution of sensory studies.

Get a taste of our ADM proprietary sensory research, which proves the top performance benefits of SweetRight® Stevia Edge-M by simply filling out our form.

The Full SweetRight® Portfolio
 A close-up of glasses of stevia-sweetened iced tea on a picnic bench outside.
Stevia Edge

SweetRight® Stevia Edge offers 15% more sweetness than other steviol glycosides with significantly less linger and can replace other stevia products on a 1:1 basis.

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Stevia Edge-M

SweetRight® Stevia Edge-M functions with improved sweetening, reduced bitterness and increased solubility (5x) compared to Reb M.

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Rebaudioside A

The SweetRight® Reb A product line provides you with options for finding the right stevia for each unique application: RA95, RA97, RA80, RA60.

A close-up of a piece of chocolate cake on a plate covered in almond slivers, chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
EMS Stevia

SweetRight® EMS products are perfect for replacing small levels of sugar and may be used in natural flavors, per FEMA guidelines

Edge out the Competition

ADM's Stevia Edge portfolio helps you balance desired taste, sensory profile, functionality, and overall cost requirements while significantly reducing sugar content.

Three scientists walking through a green-housed stevia garden. Two of them are crouching over to inspect some of the plants.

Consumer Appeal

SweetRight® Stevia Edge helps you deliver optimal taste, mouthfeel and reduce or remove calories with a clean label.

Steviol Glycoside Research

For decades, we have committed resources to innovation and advancement in stevia. Our proprietary research feeds new solutions to improve sensory output year after year.

Reduce Ingredients

Use SweetRight® Stevia Edge solutions to achieve irresistible sweetness while removing even more sugar without the need for added modifiers or blockers.

Higher Usage Rates

Stevia Edge solutions offer higher usage levels to meet greater reduction targets than standard stevia rebaudiosides without impacting bitterness and sweetness linger.

Extracted From the Leaf

Edge stevias are plant-sourced, extracted directly from the stevia leaf—never produced by fermentation or bioconversion.

Keeping you competitive

Our portfolio of proprietary stevias are designed to function like more expensive stevia extracts while offering cost savings when compared to unique glycosides like Reb M and Reb D.

A farmer stands in an outdoor field of stevia inspecting the crop while a farm hand is in the background harvesting some of the plants.

Stevia You Can Trust

SweetRight® stevia comes from the leaf of the stevia plant and is sourced through ADM's world class supply chain management, which maintains a strong focus on consistent quality, reliability and transparency. We select our suppliers based on their commitment to farming relationships, processing capabilities and overall agronomy programs.

SweetRight® Edge stevias are not produced by fermentation or bioconversion.

Dedicated Steviol Glycoside Research
ADM explores plant breeding and processing options with our partners to ensure ours is the best possible tasting stevia, at a competitive price.

  • Plant health
  • Purification
  • Agronomy
  • Innovation

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