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Carbon Neutral U.S. Milling

In 2021, we achieved net carbon neutral status for our U.S. flour milling operations.

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In 2021, we achieved net carbon neutral status for our U.S. flour milling operations. This accomplishment is an industry first of its kind and scale. We have 22 mills around the U.S. that process wheat, sorghum and corn into flour.

We achieved net carbon neutral status through a combination of energy efficiencies, purchase of renewable energy certificates, and sequestration of carbon dioxide at our commercial carbon capture and storage facility.

Around the world, we have been working to reduce the environmental footprint of our operations. At U.S. flour mills, our initiatives included energy efficiency projects, technology updates, and the replacement of older facilities with new state-of-the-art mills. Further, we lowered the carbon footprint of our U.S. flour milling network through the purchase of renewable energy certificates which represents electricity generation from renewable sources, such as solar, wind or hydro. Lastly, we are using carbon capture and storage technology to compensate for emissions generated at the flour mills, a unique way we have been able to achieve net carbon neutral status.

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